At KindleIT, we recognize software development is among the purest forms of engineering:
three parts science, one part art.

Correctly written software, does not end with code that barely works, we recognize projects change over time, real world software is more a live organism than a monolithic construction. For this reason, we stand behind proven agile methodologies like Scrum, Continuous Integration, Behavior Driven Testing and Specification Driven Design.

Additionally recognizing the limitations inherit throughout any development process, we exercise frequent whole-team code reviews, the boy scout law and continuous refactoring clearly avoiding the Frankenstein monster that occurs when you pretend you can predict all aspects, sometimes pretending to consider present and future requirements.

Above all, we are a software development and consulting company that specializes in top-to-bottom agile development. We are group of dedicated specialists whose expertise range from scala, akka, play, wicket and web UI to distributed systems and custom applications for our customer’s specific needs.

Our development stack, fueled and catalyzed through open source, is highly efficient and punctual; adding value to our customers.


Grow bonds of trust and mutual benefit with our clients, developing their ideas with the assurance and quality of our services.


Serve as evidence of the Human capacity to develop complex solutions, applying the highest worldwide quality standards.


  • Trust:

    From the start and throughout the process, transparency and accountability are key attributes.

  • Compliance:

    How can you trust someone that will not comply?

  • Discipline:

    Trust is gained, discipline sustains it.

  • Wisdom:

    Intellect must be correctly channeled to reach any goal.

  • Ingenuity:

    Creativity is an essential tool to the wise.

  • Security:

    Our other values require a secure environment, no keys may be misplaced.

  • Collaboration:

    It's embedded in our name.

  • Quality:

    For us quality is unachievable without collaboration, security, ingenuity, wisdom, discipline, compliance or trust.

Our Work

Our Work

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Open Source

  • Wicket Stuff Core

    Wicket Stuff Push aims to provide the latest Cometd Web-Push functionality to wicket applications.

  • Maven Gae Plugin

    The maven-gae-plugin provides support for Google App Engine projects. Basically, it attempts to cover all the basic operations provided by Google App Engine SDK, such as running project locally, deploying it to Google’s cloud, retrieving production logs etc.

  • Koodari Wicket

    Koodari Wicket offers a set of responsive web components and behavious for common functionality that is missing from the base wicket distribution.

  • Databinder

    Databinder is a programming toolkit for data–driven Wicket applications. Generally preferring creativity over convention, Databinder’s aim is to facilitate database programming for the Web that is straightforward, pleasant, and flexible.

  • Play! Native Packager

    Play! Native Packager creates standalone deb, rpm, homebrew and msi packages for your Play! applications.

  • Play! Scalate Plugin

    Play! Scalate Plugin Integrates the Scalate Template engine as an alternative format for Play! Scala views.




Agile Applications that add Real Value.

We are experts at boiling down an idea to its bare essence. We work hard so our customers can get their core requirements quicker, all the while creating the environment, culture and infrastructure for quick adaptation, growth and self-evaluation as our projects strive for perfection.


Sheding insight into your development process.

Our team is comprised of expert consultants in the area of software maintainability. Helping other software houses, or in house departments develop the skills required to hasten their response to changing requirements as well as the techniques of continuous refactoring; streamlining both recent and legacy code bases in a way that optimizes for maintenance.



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